Thursday, February 16, 2012

SharePoint 2010 - Reorder User Profile Properties

Changing the display order of profile properties in SharePoint is a real PITA. There are some scripts you can find on the web to make it easier, but from what I've read people have had mixed results using those scripts. A way that I found that is easy and definitely works is to change the value of the display order in the database table, ProfileSubtypePropertyAttributes, in the Profile database using SQL Manager.

The following SQL script will list the properties along with the display order.
SELECT TOP 1000 [ProfileSubtypeID]
FROM [Profile DB].[dbo].[ProfileSubtypePropertyAttributes]
join [Profile DB].[dbo].[PropertyList] on propertyList.propertyid = [ProfileSubtypePropertyAttributes].propertyid  where [ProfileSubtypeID] = 1
order by [DisplayOrder]

The script will give you a listing like this:

The following update script changes the display order of the property with the propertyID, 10013, to 5304. Note that the numbering for the DisplayOrder field does not have to be sequential. The screen shot above shows the property with the new display order value.
update [Profile DB].[dbo].[ProfileSubtypePropertyAttributes]
set DisplayOrder = 5304
where propertyID = 10013


  1. You just saved me several hours of clicking and waiting for those incredibly slow buttons. THANK YOU!

    1. Your welcome! I'm glad I could save you the agony of having to do this.

  2. I used it in SharePoint 2013, worked perfectly, it's by far the easiest solution I've seen. But not everybody will be happy to change the database directly.
    Worked for me, Thanks.

  3. would render the SharePoint farm unsupported though, since writing around the SharePoint API is not supported by Microsoft.

    1. In the times that I have dealt with Microsoft's tech support they have never inquired into any changes I have done.


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